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Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Headshot Sale! 12 bucks a pop!

Having a headshot sale! Each bust will be monochrome, lined, and shaded! And they're only $12 a pop! Compared to my usual $20+, that's a pretty swanky deal!

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Check out this Great Artist!!

DO YOU LIKE CUTE STUFF DO YOU LIKE TRADITIONAL STUFF TRADITIONAL STUFF THATS REALLY WELL MADE BY A PERSON WHO PUTS ALOTTA LOVE INTO IT??????????????????????????????????????????? HOW ABOUT WELL PRICED STUFF TOO? UHM YES U DO Please check out my flen [user:babydoll] She's a super great, sweet person…

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Get to Know Xubuntu!!

Stolen from Royalty!! What's your real name? Ariana How tall are you? 5'5" What's your natural hair color? Hazely brown What's your eye color? Hazel, but on the brown side What's your orientation? Dragon-sexual Are you single, taken or undecided? Furever in knot with Hal What do you do in your spar…

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3 badge slots! $15 each!

HEy guys! I'm offering three badge slots in my ""cute"" style! Just $15 per! Full color and really cute and vibrant! Example: Please comment if you are interested!

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Flat Colored Commissions Open!

My first journal here! Yay ^w^ I will be offering limited flat colored slots, as well as icons! CAn do just about any species, situation or rating! 5 flat colored slots, each for $35! 5 icon slots open for $10! Please comment here or contact me at if you're interested…