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The bad news keep coming, Comissions open again

Hey there people, you might have noticed that i wasnt around for some days. so here is the reason A couple days ago our home was invaded by armed robbers, they retained us and stole everything inside, i wont go into tooo much detail, but we lost everything. I left the people i was working with and…

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Emergency comissions Actually ran out of food

So It happened, its not because of the quarantine, stores are not an issue. I ran ut of food today and have no money, rent and services to pay aswell. so Im opening the emergency comissions again. You can get a single character pinup in flat color for $10 If you want to support me in other ways you…

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COMISSIONS OPEN Still Trying to survive!!

Well here I am still in an awfull situation! I havent been able to go out, living on basic food and of course in a huge debt! I know its kind of selfish, but it would be amazing if you cuould comission! suport on patreon or even donate! Im still doing $10 full body pinups! but other comissions are…

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HEY THERE PEOPLE, BURR IS HERE TO GIVE YOU ALL THE NEWS! Comissions are open!, to know all the info about it you can follow this link! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/25639414/ BUY THIS BEAR A COFEEE! https://ko-fi.com/bewyburr BEWYS COFEE POT! PATREON IS ONLINE! IF YOUD LIKE TO SUPPORT! https://w…