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Sites clean up (not that active)

So as the titel says, I going to shut down all drawing pages (exept one) or put them on the back and not be use. This is because I don't have as much time and energy to keep them going as I did before. Plus my real work kinda has plans to do more with media/ art things so i need to focus on it as i…

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Well this happened

So I usually do not share much that contains political things but as many or few of you know article 13/17/ and 11 passed for a couple of days ago, yes this is not going to take place in like two years. Now I hope that the new laws will not stop me from uploading my drawings but if it is so and tha…

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Update for next year

So a little warning for next year. It will not be any more monthly uploads, I want to focus to improve my art skills and take me time with me drawing. So I do not stress or force myself to do something. Noticed that the health take some beating from it, so now I upload when I feel like it. So somet…