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Oh dear, let me dust off these cobwebs

I've left my Weasyl gallery relatively untouched the last few months. I've mostly been active on Twitter and my Tumblr blogs. Going to remedy that by uploading some of the works I've done in the last few months to here. So here's a warning for a gallery dump! ;w; How's everyone been doing? Is Weasy…

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Kick's out old journal | Commissions?

Just gonna poot the last journal of my page, since it's hella long. Also, I'll be offering commissions real soon, here on Weasyl. I've been offering them on Tumblr a for a bit now, to see where they'd go. Sketchmissions and Icon Busts are definitely a go. Will probably offer higher end stuff soon a…

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Hello hello! And Getting to Know Me

Welcome all you new watchers! I'm sure most of you have either moved from FA or have made an account on Weasyl in order to keep watching artists you like. I've kept my opinions to myself, for the most part, on the goings on on FA, however, I did make a journal on FA about a month ago saying I would…

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Wow, FA

Well, hot damn, FurAffinity is a schmorgisboard of bad lately. All I can see it doing now is slowly spiraling to it's downfall. The Userbase has become more vocal with it's discontent, and the administration has become more transparent than it's ever been by banning users for speaking out against t…

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Flippity Floppity

You know what's going to be a bit sad? That a lot of people will go running back to FurAffinity. I just hope a lot more people will stay on Weasyl and help make the community grow a bit more. Weasyl is a good site, and has a lot of things that FA doesn't. But the only thing really lacking is a comm…

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Hello!! and apologies for spamming

I wasn't really sure if I wanted to reupload all of my work from FA, since it would be so time-consuming, but I was show n a VERY NIFTY little script that made transferring submissions from FA INCREDIBLY EASY. So apologies for the spam of submissions. x3;; But yes, hello hi! I think I should try to…

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I really should use this gallery more. ;w; I usually just post to Tumblr, but I've been posting to FA again, too? So I guess I should use this gallery, as well? Don't know what I should upload at this point, though. xD;;

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Tag your stuff properly!!

As much as I'm okay with the furry fandom, I'm slightly disappointed that they're the ones taking over the site already. I know that Weasyl was intended for a broader setting of art, but the huge influx of furries is worrying. I also noticed a lot of the users aren't tagging their submissions prope…

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BEWARE: I am coming for you. @M@

Sorry for the silence! I want to be actively taking part with the Weasyl community, but I currently don't have any proper internet. I've been using my phone as a makeshift hotspot, but it's internet is limited. Things should change come Monday, hopefully, since I should be getting everything set up…

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Hey, I'm a Weasyl now!

I'm already quite impressed with the site. It's very stylish, in a very simple yet classy manner. Just very visually impressive. It's ease of use is also pretty impressive. Everything is easy to find and use (from what I can tell so far). Keep up the good work, Weasyl Staff!