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Commissions: Closed
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Adoptables listings

I decided from here on that I will only list my adoptables on furaffinity and tumblr. I will be deleting my adoptables from other art galleries. This is to avoid any confusion that may come from multiple/concurrent listings. Thank you.

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Adoptables sale

I am putting all the adoptables on sale for $10 right now. I am going to have 50 out soon (the 50th won't be on sale since it'll be new). You can check them out at the following links (the tumblr theme is NSFW) SFW adoptables:…

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If anyone’s wondering what’s going on with my activity, it’s just somewhat in the air right now. Last week was kind of stressful since on top of my normal routine of working I also was trying to keep up with a head cold. It’s stressful, and demotivating, but I am better now. Then I got some Underta…

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Sort of hiatus

I didn't mention it but because of my new job I only draw on the weekends now. However, this weekend has been pretty busy and will remain to be busy because we are switching around rooms. Basically Kuder and I are moving into two rooms that are conjoined. One room is for our computers (and probably…

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Commission slot: 1 open, up for bid

You can read more information about this here. Basically I am going to do one commission per month so it doesn’t overwhelm me while I work full time. Only FA members can view and bid on the journal, so if you don’t have an account you could always try signing up or getting a friend to bid for you.

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Important regarding commissions and art

Pretty big update with what's going on my end. I finally got a job, full time, so I work 8-4PM Monday through Friday. I'm pretty busy, so art is probably going to be a weekend-only thing unless my energy level improves. As it stands I will probably not keep commission slots open as I normally do. I…

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Deviantart members coming to Weasyl

Been seeing a weird thing lately where some deviantart fans come directly over to weasyl and start submitting content like bases, art that isn't theirs, and screenshots from generators. Apparently some have even claimed that for some reason, weasyl is more lax than deviantart on these rules, making…

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Requests closed (skip if you don't like rants)

I feel like this might not be the most mature thing to rant about but it’s really bothered me a lot looking back at how requests went down. There are just so many negative experiences that now when I get approached asking about a request it just feels like “here’s more people crawling out of the wo…

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May 8th, 2005 was the day that my house burned down when I was 15 years old. It's easy to remember the date because it was Mother's Day, and perhaps one of the worst Mother's Days I could have had with my mom. In fact the present I had for her perished in the fire, and I was dropped off at my dad's…