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So How About THAT Ladies and Gents

In regards to my last journal I have been trying to be a good sport, I've been being the bigger person. And it's not easy let me tell ya. Not when I spent all my life fighting, and now I can't....or better yet I WON'T. But I will say this much. If you are going to talk smack about me. Learn ALL the…

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Yeah It's Been Quiet....I Suppose

So for months I was hung up. For months I was putting my whole heart into something that eventually went awry. I asked for nothing more then time. Every day that passed I got more desperate for that time I needed. Sure I got a little crazy, but I AM a little crazy. Eventually after being strung alo…

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Woofie's Streaming Info

So lately I have been trying my hand in online streaming of my artworks. Or just streaming of some BS doodles and sketches I get into. I don't really make journals or submissions to say when I am cause the mood strikes me whenever. And sometimes I can stream for hours. Other times not more then an…

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SIGNAL BOOST....Azraelle is OPEN for PWYW Commissions

A Dear close friend of mine Azraelle has fallen on hard times during these troubling recent weeks. I don't wanna air her dirty laundry but lets just say she needs help. It's rare that she is open for commissions so get em while you can. She does some AMAZING work. I am here to signal boost her OPEN…

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Do you know DJ Sven-the-Cat

Do you play SL? Do you know someone who does? If so there is a DJ there who will knock your socks off. He goes by the name of DJSventheCat OMFG guys. Normally I don't promote things on my art sites but he just came into the grid less then a year ago and is one of the best live mix DJs I have ever h…

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Update With A LOT Going On

I do not plan to be delayed much longer folks. Lately my computer has been acting up and causing it to stall out every day now. We just updated all the hardware and software but something about it is causing it to just seize up out of nowhere. We have checked everything out and are not sure what se…

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Strained my Arm

So the other day while at work I strained my dominant (right) arm. Which means lack of arting this week. I am still sketching and I might post some of those. But any kinda major work is gonna have to wait sadly. I don't know exactly how I did it but I assume it was lifting heavy shit. As per usual…

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Thank You So MUCH

Lately I have posted some more art as I am getting SOME time in to do it. But the feedback and favs and watches has made me so happy. I have worked so hard since I was a little kid in the 80s to be good at art. My Momma always said that my style wasn't special and I would get no where with it, neve…

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I DO have an ArtStyle

So about a week ago I was really upset by something a friend of mine had said about my art. They said I don't have a definitive art style. Now while this is partially true, I draw many styles and ideas. I also DO feel I have a style. When I go back through my gallery I noticed I draw a very similar…

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So I am taking a break for a week or two from art. Sorry to all my new watchers and stuffs. But I been in so much pain for the past few days. I slipped on ICE and hurt/twisted my ankle pretty badly. I threw out my back at work while overcompensating for the ankle. So......laid up for a bit. I will…

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Merry Holidays

I am finally all caught up on commission. I never thought this day would come. About my last one, I am so sorry for the violence, but that was the main criteria of the image. So with that out of the way I am free again. WOOOOOOO I wanna take this time to wish EVERYONE Happy Holidays, which ever one…

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Brought Down - Time To Get Up

So I had a lot of family issues go down recently. Things I was unable to let go of in the span of a month. I reacted, I cried, I ranted. My hobbies suffered from neglect. My desires for social stimulus gone. But since nothing made me feel better, I decided to drop the whine fest and keep on keeping…

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Pre-reg, Western PA Furry Weekend! Oct 3-5, Pittsburgh, PA

I am reposting this cause I was introduced to the fandom by these wonderful people. I attended this fun filled awesome event twice before I moved. If you are in the area, or just wanna try something new. Check this out. It's sooooo much fun honestly. And really intimate. I love how laid back everyt…

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Break For Practice

I didn't get much interest in my last journal so I will decide to say screw that. CLOSED till I feel like my art is worth a damn. :D I know I need some more practice and I know I really need to work on color theory. Colors are soo hard for me being half color blind. But if that is what it takes to…

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Caught up with Art. OPEN for stuffs.

So I love it when people give me ideas/ suggestions, since I don't always know what to draw when I burn out. Most of the time I draw myself and it feels just a little self-centered. LOL So onward. I love taking suggestions from my avid watchers. It makes me smile to hear what ideas you guys have an…

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So I been uploading my gallery here and it has taken me a while. But finally I can say I am caught up. And anything now will be up to date with all my other older galleries. Thank you for having sooooo much patience. I know it was A LOT of art to deal with and at times it felt never ending. But I a…

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That's It For Tonight Folks

I will be finishing the uploads in a few days. I HOPE!!!! Sorry for the influx of art, I hope you all enjoy or not. Either way I am still gonna do art. :D These are older works for now....I plan to end with my newer stuff. I been drawing for many years so it takes a while to upload a whole gallery.…

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Lost in a Sea of Faces

Well, Here I am on Weasyl. I have no idea where I should start posting from. My art dates back some years. I also don't wanna flood my watchers with a TON of crappy old art. I also would like to say HI to all of you here. I am kinda shy when you first meet me, then I am a jerk. JK So once I decide…