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Back from MFF 15

Hello dear fellows! Darcus and I, made it safe and sound back to Austria. MFF was a blast again! We have met so many awesome and kind peeps there and it´s always nice to see good old friends there again. The first time in america without any complication´s. Thank you to Tareg_Seawolf (Parca) for be…

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Do you like...

Music, especially violins? So check out the fantastic Youtube Page of Taylor Davis! Her violin goes into your heart. - Believe me! ;-) https://www.youtube.com/user/ViolinTay/videos

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Happy new year!

Happy new year everybody! I wish you all the best and that your dreams come true 2015. :) Stay safe and have much fun this year! regards, Shade

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Back from MFF !

And again an awesome MFF is over.... This year, MFF was my best con this year! I really like the hotel and the hotel staff. Despite the incident with the chlorine, it was a good convention! The MFF staff made a good job to try to control the situation. But it was very awful and I feel so sorry for…

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I am very inactive here. Sorry for that! I try to be more active in the next days.

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EF Meme 2013 and new information

Sorry guys, you don´t find here a meme or something like that. I am tired of this meme things... New informations: You can meet me at EF, but I will be there only from saturday until sunday. It´s not possible to get holidays for eurofurence, because I have my new work since monday. But I totally un…

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Confuzzled 2013 the ultimate Meme !

That`s all. Sorry guys I am to lazy for it. :3 What is your gender? You will see Are you in a relationship? Sure with a fluffy butt! What suit will you have? Only my darkred fluff. That`s all Can I touch you? Where and why? ö.ö Can I buy you lots of drinks? Yeeeeeesssss !!!!!! (But I am not a cheap…

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I am here

Hello everybody! I am now here to upload some of my pictures and to write something here. I like it to read books about animals. I am a big fan of "Watership Down" and "Animals of farthing wood". I am also interested about the true story of the serum run 1925 in Nome/Alaska. The story about Balto a…