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December last month of the year A time for reflection a time for fear Days grow shorter nights get colder As decrepit year continues to grow older Looking on things done and undone Remembering many hardships overcome Looking to the future with some hope and much dread As this year lingers on its de…

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November the penultimate month of the year When last colors of fall finally disappear Weather switches between two extremes Rain in abundance or cold supreme January comes early as home heating fails And those called to help can naught but flail With one month to go till this years relent My patien…

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October month of Autumn's descent When final heat of summer relents Fools are confounded by basic geography Switching mouth for head is height of idiocy The pace increases with assignments a plenty As all are consumed with worries a many I haven't shaved since late September An early preparation fo…

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September month of schools quickening The last heat of summer sickening Gloves come off as Labor Day passes Pace of course work increasing in classes The Tropics swarm with Hurricanes a plenty While the Temperates have rain storms a many Of the course load one shall strike the hardest And drive fro…

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August month of summers maturity. With cresting heat and high humidity. The last of summers fun comes to an end. As all face the disruption that the semester portends. First week is filled with chaos and flow. As classrooms move and students come and go. The buses are packed and the sidewalk crowde…

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July month of summers fury Far removed from Winters flurry Lillies give way to Chickori on the roadside As heat and humidity continue to rise This infernal combination brings considerable vexation To Children of all ages seeking relaxation Heat and humidity sap the strength of all As they await the…

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June, the month of my arrival Of springs ending and summers revival A month caught betwixt conflicting moods One of content and one of gloom Days of humidity and heat interfere In the most carefree month of all the year Yet long as the happy medium is found Lazy fun and relaxation abound As Mid-Sum…

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May, most beautiful month of the year When Flowers bloom and leaves reappear Spells of heat and rain disrupt an otherwise fantastic month Filled with fun that weather interrupts Near the end the pools are open School years end with great commotion Stage is set for summers arrival With the end of se…

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April month of many showers That eventually sire May flowers In the meantime it cruelly reigns With cold of March and its own rains Rains that keep me from my argent bike As the final assignments commence their strike Winds howl from skies vast Bringing cold from months long past Thank goodness thi…

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March the month of January and May When lion and lamb com out to play Rash bet brackets sow financial devastation Annoying the sensible with their vexations The last cold of winter waxes and wanes The final fury of inverse flames Till April comes with its sweet rains And winter ends its final days

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February month of fewest days Yet Suffering abounds in many ways Days of cold and days of warmth Days that cheating patriots mourned Midterms come with anxiety and strife Against this stress poor students strive Enduring nights of sleep deprived With spring break far away with reprieve Only the arr…

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January Days Cold & Dreary January Nights Long & Weary January Holidays Lacking & Few January Snow Improving the view January Brown Depressing & Sad Let January pass quickly So I can be glad

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Future in Considerable Doubt.

As some of you might have noticed, my replies for the past 4 months have been absent. Thankfully I am not dead, thought given what I have been through in that time frame, I sometimes feel like. I don’t feel comfortable going into detail about what happened, but its impact on me has left me wonderin…

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Dead Car

3/28/14 - 56743 Days since hatching 9788 I knew it would happen sooner or later when my car spun out on a mountain road during a severe snow storm. After limping along since late November of last year, it gave out on me not far from where it spun out. The fact that it was slow in coming made the wh…

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UK Potential ban on 'rape porn'

Apparently David Cameron think it would be a good idea to ban any porn that has any subtext of rape. In other words, everything on FA or SF or Weasyl that involves BDSM would possibly result in a three year prison sentence. Here is a video on it. (\_7AI6AdgY)

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Random Thoughts #2

MJD: 56482 July 10, 2013 – AHD 9527 : The Problem with Activist Groups When a group of people band together in pursuit of changing the status quo, they usually start with the intent of taking actual action and the fulfillment of set goals. As the movement progresses and a substantial amount of stat…

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Random Thoughts #1

MJD: 56472 Days since hatching: 9517 After having an interesting and deep line of thought, I decided that I should write things like this down instead of letting them fade into the aether of my mind only to reemerge later. This will of course not be a regularly occurring series since the flow of th…

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Hatch Day

Modified Julian Date (MJD) : 56453 Days Since Hatching : 9498 Well, I'll be 26 years old at 11:19 pm Pacific Daylight Time and yet I'm no closer to having a job, home, or life of my own. Yay, (Sarcasm self-test complete)

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Great Things Regarding Video Games

Modified Julian Date (MJD) : 56391 Days Since Hatching : 9436 My life recently got some much needed happy with the following two events. First I managed to get my hands on a copy of Goldeneye for the N64 after far to much time apart. Not as flashy as the new first person shooters, but lacking usele…

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Settling In

Modified Julian Date (MJD) : 56339 Days Since Hatching : 9384 While I still intend to upload my writings to Fur Affinity and SoFurry, I view this site as another place for more to discover and hopefully enjoy my work. Needless to say, it will be some time before I get what I have uploaded at the pr…