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Ugh god so many uploads

Turbogomen about that! I was balancing out my FA account with my Weasyl for the sake of, well, keeping the darn thing afloat! Totally Mcgoatally game for ironing out a few things in the meanwhile, ughgugh.

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G-Get to Know Me

What's your real name? William. Will. Not Billy. Bill. Or any variation thereof. Family and close friends call me BJ. Shut up. I know. Horrible. How tall are you? 5'10"-ish What's your natural hair color? Black. What's your eye color? Brown. Dark Brown. What's your orientation? As my friend describ…

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Oh hello, hi

Extremely tired, but I feel nice seeing that my characters have built some favorites here and there! I also like, slowly find myself getting accustomed to Weasyl - smooth interface and easy uploading processes makes it incredibly likely that I'll be using this site as a primary point of contact / a…