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butter ball bisquit buns

Hello hello. Just a heads up, expect some semi-absence from me. I'm finishing some commissions and going straight to work on finishing a huge project I need to complete before May 30th to graduate. Procrastination! But yeah. I will maybe post the project art before the project is done, but I'm expe…

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Get To Know Me meme

I've been seeing it go around though it seems like its pretty brief on info. Nothing too specific aaa;; sorry if I'm boring woops What's your real name? Ari How tall are you? 5'3" roughly What's your natural hair color? Dark brown, pretty close to black. What's your eye color? Blue-Green What's you…

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UMM Multiple Account Use Opinion Question??

Hey there guys. uvu! I would like to thank everyone for the sudden influx of following you've all been doing. It's very exciting to be making another art account site! I'm thinking of perhaps trying to stay as up-to-date on this account as on my Deviantart which is what I normally use. FA will prob…