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Guys um I'm pretty damn floored by the pretty much overwhelming interest in my commissions thank you all so much, I was so flustered I could barely get proper responses to everyone and I'm really sorry if I was really awkward and thank you so much for your patience :'D You're all really wonderful t…

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Hope you're all having a wonderful time with those you've chosen to be with, the best possible time despite those you do not want to be with, and got some cool shit!

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guess which garbage slug is slumping back onto this section of the internet sorry guys, I’ve been focusing on more important stuff in life, not to be a wet blanket but having a family member with cancer is a smidge time consuming then I just felt bad for being gone for so long and failing to say an…

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commissions! (4/5 slots)

Things are still pretty busy, but I figure it won't hurt to open up five slots for commissions! Just please be patient with me is all I ask c: ♥ Please check out this page for my commission info. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. Thank you for taking a look! Slots: . askglou…