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Vitamin / 31 / She / Her / England

Things will always look brighter in the morning~
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
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[CLOSED] 'Saturated Sunrise' YCH FOR SALE! £17 ~ Let me know if you'd like to claim it :D Thank you for y…

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Hey guys :D So since I got my degree classification I really want to treat myself but don't have many spare funds atm so decided to open for some commission slots ^_^ I also have some expenses coming up so I need to make what I can to cover them :) or…

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Sorry For the Incoming Upload Spam!~

Decided to upload the pieces that I've uploaded to FA but forgot to upload here :3 I won't do all of them today since there's a fair few but just wanted to warn you all! ^_^ Thanks! ~

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Not Really Active Here ~

Hey all! Sorry I just remembered that I actually had an account here!! Woops!! I'm much more active on FA and Twitter so I would suggest following me there if you like my stuff :3 Thanks for reading! :D ~

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PLEASE READ! Might be opening commissions? ~

Hi all, SO I'm rather broke at the mo, a lot of expenses have come up recently and I'm possibly thinking of opening bust / badge commissions. Would anybody be interested in a picture of this kind of quality: Panda at Play + Papaaru Gift for £8.50 each? ($13?) Never done pricing before but I'm tryin…

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Spam Over!~

Hi all! First of all, that is the last of the spam! Phew! Thanks very much for putting up with that ^_^'' Hopefully I remembered to upload all of the newer bits and pieces from FA, however, if you want to see any older stuff you can view it all at my FA which is linked here: Vitamin :) I will try a…

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Hello all!~

Hi peeps! :D Just thought I'd let you all know that tomorrow I will be cross uploading some stuff from my FA :) I've never used Weasyl before but I'm looking forward to uploading here! I hope you like my stuff and my profile :) Thanks very much for taking the time to look! ^_^