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Weasyl/art sites

This place, along with every other art/community site out there, had a lot of potential. Weasyl had the benefit of good coding, the promise of new features being rolled out regularly, and supposedly a management team that would take the whole 'ego' out of the problem of one person having complete c…

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It needs to be fixed. A wide open community tagging system just isn't working and is upsetting people. Please fix.

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So... FA has been bought by IMVU for (so far) unstated amount. Dragoneer is now an employee at IMVU (who knows who else he got on their payroll), also for unstated amount. Said sale took place in December 2014/January 2015....and the community wasn't told about it until March. Dragoneer is making l…

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Weasyl and the recent drama (poss trigger words warning)

Okay....here's the low down, okay? Rape is bad. Very bad. One of the worst things out there. The admins of this site know this. They are NOT trying to be rape apologists. They never ONCE (that I've read at least) suggested that the person not seek SOME kind of justice (unlike other logs from other…

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My brain whyyyy...

So...fair warning...puns ahead. My brain...being the pun factory that it is...came up with a horrible thing that now has stuck in my brain and doesn't wanna let it go. Cyberdine model XXX - Taurminataur. So...Taur character able to change species through manipulation of internal skeletal arrangemen…

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Gettin' ta know meh

What's your real name? Meshelle How tall are you? About six feet What's your natural hair color? Dark brown What's your eye color? bluegrey What's your orientation? Care about the person, not the gender Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken, but open relationship... What do you do in your spare…

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For Dragoneer and Others...

Crossposting from FA just in case Possible triggers warning for survivors Coercing someone into a yes is still against their will whether they press legal charges or no. http://www.clarku.edu/offices/dos/survivorguide/definition.cfm "Rape and/or sexual assault is forced, manipulated, or coerced sex…

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Welcome new Weasylers

Welcome to the Weasyl No matter your reason for coming, welcome. This is now officially my own site as well. Artists here will be the only ones that get my business, whether it be adopts, auctions, commissions, etc... I cannot condone supporting a CERTAIN OTHER SITE that's being mismanaged into the…

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Furry MMO?

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeffleigh/antilia-a-majestic-3d-mmo Sooo...this might be a thing. >.>

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So...seems to be official

I've got Cushing's Syndrome. For those that are curious and don't know...basically means my body is making too much cortisol, which is a steroid. Three more weeks or so til I find out whether I'm going for an MRI or a CT scan. Most likely cause, tumor on the pituitary gland. Second most likely? Tum…