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「 Vine Tabris 」 / ディックモンスター / 虚無界 (ゲヘナ)

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alright i'll give it a shot

i'll try gettin' back to this website then but i have a lot of stuff to upload like, more than 50 i think? and i don't like spamming so i'll try to limit it to like 5 uploads a day until i'm caught up or somethin' some of this stuff is pretty old so there'll be a good handful of furry things too th…

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has this site turned pure furry, or can non-furry artists still make it?

i've been thinkin' about comin' back to this site, just because i have this natural craving to be a part of an art community (and sites like DA are dumb, and sites like CGhub and ConceptArt make me uncomfortable because i don't think i'm good enough to be there). i've been making a nest at tumblr,…