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Kiowa F. / Female / Lacey,Wa

"Well, this is it. You found me. Now, what are you going to do?"
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Art Studies - Twitter

Gonna be posting some gesture/figure drawings, referenced practice images, various style studies and original sketchy content on my twitter starting May 29th as I drive myself to aim for more self improvement and forcing myself to experiment with different mediums. Drawings will be posted on my wee…

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Banner =w=;;

I need to create a banner... IDK what I wanna put on it though...

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I'm scanning! So much crap... art to scan. I'll be posting soon-ish. I have quiet a backup of art from my break. I'm attempting to ink and color more this year to increase my own personal skills in traditional media. Also I bought some more copics and I am going to be buying a few more grey toned p…

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Kinda wish banners would automatically center themselves if they're too small.... But I can only wish!