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Ventus Fall / Imaginationland

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Star Wars - The Force Awakens

STAR WARS Episode VXCIM Return of the Journal Hello again! This journal is Star Wars themed. Why? Because a friend ('Moon') and I watched the new Star Wars movie on the 16th, the release date of the movie here! ^-^ When we got there we saw cool banners hanging from the movie, showing one banner for…

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New Stuff Soon!

Hello Weasyl and all stumbler-byers! :D I have soon uploaded all pieces I think should be on my Weasyl account also. Therefore! I am very soon ready to upload any new works that are on their way! So watch out Weasyl, for here my new art pieces are a-coming! ^-^ Ventus out~

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Uploading submissions update!

Hello again Weasyl :D So since I haven't been active, really... I've decided to at least upload some of my works onto here. This includes my latest reference sheets I had made a few months back, most of my commissions, etc. I upload these pieces to give anyone who stumbles by an idea of what kind o…

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Hello Weasyl :)

Hello everyone who might stumble across my page ^^ I am Ventus Fall, pleased to meet you. Now maybe you might have heard of my name before, this is possible. I have an account on dA and FA for a while now. Figured to come here and see how things will go here :) As for any notifications, I stream -o…