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Uriyuki / 24 / Male / Georgia, US

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Well :3

It has been 1 year since I've been on FA and I am soooooo happy. Right now, I'm just relaxing before my last day of school and later I should be at my friend's house and work. Also. Since today is my last day of school, I will no longer be able to photoshop anything. And next year (if my counselor…

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Next Class

Headed to language arts now ^^ Then later on after work today, I should be streaming on, so look out for that ^^ ttyl guys :3

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FWA 2014

I really wanna go next year with my mate (would've gone this year, but my mom didn't wanna come or take me). So by then I'll be driving myself, pay for some type of suit (partial or full fursuit) and I'll be happy ^^ I'm looking over everything that went on at FWA2013 that's recorded on film so tha…

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Fave Folders?

Kinda wish we had those so that I could put my comics into a folder and always go back to read that comic without having to go through a ton of other faves

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I'm pretty sure that my life is just an average everyday working guy, but I just still wanted to give you guys an update. This school year is coming to an end pretty fast, so things seem to have hit the turbo button in my school. I've had tons of tests and, actually, have 2 today (one of which is a…

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I need help deciding what to do with my life

I have so many things that I want to do with my life. I want to be a Language Arts teacher for 6th graders in a school here or in Denver, Colorado. I want to teach English in a Japanese elementary school or in a high school. The problem here is that I'm learning Spanish, not Japanese, and my school…

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I'm doing a Spanish presentation in class on Tuesday about the organization Peta and I am in the middle of preparing for it. I figured that it'd be right to show you guys what animals go through in many countries for you to have some of the luxuries that you do. I have decided that I will try my be…

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Interesting Question

If furries were the actual humans........ would that mean that anthrocon and FWA (and other furry cons) would be full of furries dressed in human costumes???????

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No more Bella

Bella's owner claimed her (but the story is hilarious if you were here to see it for yourself) My little bro took her out to play and run on the bike when her owner recognized her. Here's what he said: Him: I was riding my bike and a guy came up to me and said that was his dog, so I picked her up a…

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Well..yesterday a puppy followed my older bro home, so we decided to keep her and see how it goes. My mom named her Bella (from Twilight) So....YAY for now >.<;

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Gonna Sketch Again

I've been kinda lazy and just readin' a random book by my new favorite I guess I should get back to sketching something...gonna practice as much art as I can that's traditional before I get my tablet and laptop (hopefully at some point this year) and start on digital artwork. I am glad…

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To Jack

I know we have our differences....I know that I've done wrong and you've done wrong and we've hurt each other at one point....but I want you to know that I'm sorry. I'm very...and truly sorry. I've been stuck in the past, hoping to move on, but never doing it. I'm just asking that you give me one m…

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For all of my friends who are moving from FA, welcome to my profile! You'll be happy to know that (as far as I can see), there is less drama and administration on this site is much better! You'll also be happy to know that this site is better designed and more informative than FA (so, if you're str…

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I will not put you through any of the drama I went through with Jack. Whether he is your friend or not, it does not mean my opinion of him will change. At first, I thought I would be able to get over the drama when he came onto my profile, but I realized that I am extraordinarily "upset" (wanting t…

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Well...they're talking

He's talking to the other guy (see my previous journal entry for what i'm talking about). I am getting frustrated, so I'll just remove him from my profile. It's kinda getting too awkward for me.

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Kinda Upset

I don't really wanna say who it is...but I'm kinda upset with someone from my past...or friend's past... I told him that I forgave him...but it bugs me to see that he's here now...when originally...i wanted to make this account to get AWAY from all of the drama that we had on FA.........…

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You Know What I Hate??

I hate it when people recommend others to block, but in the process, become very hateful and start to harrass that person with comments like "You're the most ignorant person I know" or "Get off of [insert site name here]" That really annoys me. I don't know what's gotten into people these days. And…

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Hello All :3

My name's Uriyuki (or Uri for short). My friend invited me here, so I hope to get this profile up to speed with my FurAffinity and DeviantArt accounts by sometime next week. Some info on Requests: -A form would need to be noted to me (should be in a new journal or something by tomorrow) -I require…