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urbanhusky / female / Austria

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Rebirth - New Album

Rebirth. It's here! 12 tracks, dynamic range DR11, hardware synthesizers, still my signature sound. Please listen and share, I've been working hard on this album. <3 https://urbanhusky.bandcamp.com/album/rebirth

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Surprise! New EP: Live Improvisation Sessions

I've collected all my live improvisation sessions and bundled them into an EP. There might be things on it you haven't heard yet. Still pay what you want - you can get it for free or pay whatever price you want to pay. https://urbanhusky.bandcamp.com/album/live-improvisation-sessions-ep Have fun <3

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Join my musical journey on Patreon :)

Come and join my musical journey on Patreon! :) I want to use Patreon for a raw, behind the scenes look and will upload ideas, fragments, experiments and such - similar to what I've done on Soundcloud, but more in-depth. There will be the occasional look back at how a song started out and how it ch…

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New album release: Backlogged

My new album is out - get it for free or pay what you want. https://urbanhusky.bandcamp.com/album/backlogged I'm open for feedback and criticism. The songs are from 2013 and I finally found the time to finish and polish them. As soon as I find time, I'll upload them in lower quality here. Why uploa…

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A wild urbanhusky appears

Hi everyone, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to create a profile here and upload my music :) It will take me a while to upload my entire catalogue but feel free to have a look around - just a fair warning: the first uploads are the oldest, weirdest stuff. There are some new songs in the making too.…