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King Taburyk / 32 / Female / Pennsyltucky

I am creator of the Uragi World and Species, welcome to alien bird hell.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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So I almost died...

...yeah not even a joke. I woke up 3/5/2021 with this stabbing pain in my lower right side, I thought maybe another ovarian cyst had burst or maybe my appendix was up to no good, so I went to the ER. Turns out I had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured, and I was literally bleeding to death (I'm ster…

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I know I know, I should post more since I do art every day. But with lack of actual traction or interest, it's kind of hard to get the inspiration to actually post stuff. I post the comics monthly and random pieces here and there, but I legit have knocked out five to six pieces in one day (thank yo…

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Spam - Sorry

D: I forget to upload stuff and I work so fast I can't help that there's a lot to do all at once. x_x Sorry for spam in advance you guys. I mostly keep to telegram.

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About the Uragi Being a Closed Species

The Uragi are a Closed Species, this means you cannot make your own without my permission, and that right is protected under intellectual property and copyright law. Now the reason I did that? Furries ruin everything. They take whatever creature it is and run wild with it, with zero regard for the…

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This Month's Comics

There's a lot of them. Isolation has me inspired to do more so I am. You'll have them uploaded in about a week. Stay tuned!

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Missing Submissions in Gallery??

Until this issue is fixed (i.e. the submissions are up, have links, and apparently still don't EXIST), I'm not going to upload the comics the rest of the way. I'll just do art pieces here and there. I want the comics to be in ORDER, that's important. >:V

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The Uragi Tarot - Major Arcana (Upload Complete)

Oh my god, I shouldn't have expanded it as far as I did. So many extra cards. Lol. Here they are, in proper number order: https://www.weasyl.com/submissions?userid=142058&folderid=108993 Up Next (after a break, omg), the COMICS. Starting with Taburyk's. :D

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Apologies for the "Spam" in Advance

I have a LOT of artwork to pull from where I was but am not gonna be part of longer. >_>; So I am so sorry in advance for the constant barrage of bird. PLANS: Tarot First Comics Next (by Series) Some miscellaneous commissions? We're good

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Terms of Service o Ao

Terms of Service Upon reading this, you hereby agree to all the terms and conditions as followed below regarding my work. Rules may change as time progresses, but in general, this is it. Blacklisting and Blocking will be implemented to those that do not adhere to the rules, or those who harass myse…

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I should remember that Weasyl is a thing and upload stuff. >_> I don't though. FA is my go to.

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Spreading Wings

I didn't really know that Weasyl was a thing, but now I'm here, as well, and will check semi-regularly to see what all is going on. It'd be a tedious task to upload EVERYTHING I have on my FurAffinity, so I will just add newer pieces and link to my FA here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/playerone…