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Late night join.me [Offline]

Come and join me, I'm doing some art trades and might take a few headshot requests~ Comment below with refs if interested~ -Offline-

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I'm back~

I decided to start updating on here again~ I think expanding would be nice, DA is still somewhat of a bummer but you get used to it after some time~ I've been growing with my art to so getting to share it where ever would be nice~ Thanks~

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Not going to update on here.

I decided to go back to uploading on DA, so, I won't be using this site as much anymore, not to much happens on here unlike DA and it just feels like DA is more of my home. Sorry about that, I'll only be using this site to put my characters references on but besides that I'm gonna be on DA. You can…

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About my wait time [Read if I owe you something]

I wanted my followers to know that if you do an art trade with me, i usually won't do my side till your side is finished so I can get a good idea on what I need to draw to make sure that you don't get something lesser then what you made ;.; So if your waiting for me to do something for you and were…

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Requests/art trades?

I'm opening some requests and trades to really get things started here on Weasyl~ I would do commission's but I don't have a paypal sense I'm only 15, but I'll see what I can do later on~ So, I'm opening 3 slots for both~ Requests: 1.) Buffskeith01 [DONE] 2.) 3.) Art trades: 1.) Rubykickz 2.) 3.) I…

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New here

Hiya~ I'm new here, i just moved off of my DA account to come here cause of all the drama and stuff and am really happy to join this community~ I'm really excited and if you guy's could help me with some tips I would really appreciate it~ Thank you for reading~