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Had a vacation XD

More specifically, animeclipart came to visit for 2 weeks, and it was AWESOME! We saw a couple of movies, ate some sweets and stuff, stared at toys, did some painting, found an (apparently) abandoned doughnut shop and petted some cute dogs, among other things! I had planned to get more work done wh…

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Time for another pay-what-you-want art stream with Animeclipart !! -> https://picarto.tv/UndyingSongArt <- Will be here! This time, it will start this THURSDAY, at 5:30 EST! RULES: ~ You choose the total, we invoice you via Paypal before we begin! Price will be split down the middle. Any price is f…

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I didn't expect this many new followers to be honest. Aaaaahh thank you guys !!! ; w ;

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ONE MORE free icon! (Closed)

Just one more! Here is how the last one turned out (for Maaia ! http://i.imgur.com/NKxnioS.png This one will be done using FlockMod just like that one. I won't be able to start on it right away since I have to leave for work in a little bit, but I'll definitely get to it ASAP. :3 Please comment her…

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ONE free icon ! (Taken)

The first to claim it, will get it. :3 I'm interested in offering some cheap icons sometime down the line if anyone might like them! They will be created using FlockMod. Please comment here and link to a couple of references of your character! You can also request a mood, but if you aren't sure the…

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Yes I know this isn't THE place to mention this but I AM GOING TO POST ANYWAY, kind of as a reminder to myself, just in case the problem persists ..? I can't post comments on Weasyl. They just aren't showing up, at all. Nothing is showing up in the comment boxes when I type. Weird.

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ONE name-your-own-price commission OPEN!

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know I am trying to take on a commission here through Weasyl. Just one for now. I know I do not have many watchers, but I really want to try, as I need to save up for vet bills. I need to get my Arlo kitty cat tested for lymphedema. I also really need to get new ti…

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Free Art? (For Advertising :))

Hey guys! I've been thinking about doing this for some time now. Offering commissions in exchange for "pimpin'" journal entries instead of money. I'm always up for signal boosting. :)