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Jordan / 31 / Mullet

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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Lookin' for an icon.

Heya! I'm looking to commission somebody for an icon of this guy. Lemme know if know someone who could take it on, or if you could yourself. Style (i.e. pixel or not, etc.) doesn't really matter to me.

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Sorry I haven't been too active here/in general. It's just been a wee bit hard to focus lately. Although I will say I'm a bit more active on deviantart.

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Favorites thing.

Nevermind, it seems to be hiding others favorites for me again, which is good! But I see we will always see our own favorites?? Please no..if I want to look at mine I can just click THE DANG BUTTON AGFCSDJFBCA. Sorry, just not liking how cluttered it is atm, but hopefully they'll make it not so....…

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I think I'm better now.

Still getting over whatever the heck I had but it's pretty much gone now. I'm gonna try and draw now and get back on those requests (I PROMISE IMMA DO THEM I'm just really slow don't hate me.) Other than those I've got lots of dumb stuff I wanna draw so...yay! Also, THANK YOU to the people who sent…

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I'm sick.

Yep. I can't do anything but whine and almost throw up every 10 minutes so I probably won't be active for a while. I really hope I get better soon cuz I'm a big baby when I'm sick. :C

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Want free art?? :0

Heyo. I'm experimenting with coloring and shading, and I am sick of looking at my own characters while I do it.. So if you want, you can post your character here and I could draw them maybe? If you want....? ovo I mostly draw human dudes, but I can draw ladies and anthros as well, although I'm pret…

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Laptop woes.

:I Welp, this freakin' sucks. My laptop decided to take a dive off of my desk and landed on it's side, causing the charger to bend and pretty much snap in two. It worked for all of today despite that..UNTIL now. I decided I should probably go to bed, so I go to plug the damn thing in, it decides to…

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Oh god.

I'm sorry this is so random but... I went to monday night raw last night and now I'm watching it on TV and I swear if I see myself on there I'm gonna cry. Seriously this is scary as heck. WHY. I had such a good time though, like I know a lot of people think WWE and wrestling stuff is lame but I gue…