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Steph and Hunter / What? / Montréal

Often imitated, never duplicated.
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A Sketch A Day Commissions

Hey guys! I’m offering a sketch a day commissions. Week day half bodies and week end full bodies :) You can book the day for yours in advance so you don’t have to worry about trying to catch me open at odd times, but I am only taking 1 a day and they are first come first serve. You can find more in…

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Streaming Done

Stream is done!~ See you later! Steph

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Picarto & Weasyl Username Change

Hey guys! Should have done this a while ago but we've made our weasyl username match all our other joint usernames too :P So now we are TwoFancyOwls. We'll make a redirect off our old name once weasyl feels like sending us our confirmation. In the mean time, someone asked us about this on tumblr so…

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Removing all of our artwork from FA

Hey! Just a small post as a follow-up to our recent "deleting everything from FA" journal: For newcomers, you can request to have your commissions re-uploaded here through this journal:…

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What are your fave games/game series?

What are your top 3 or so favorite video games/game series and why? Can be anything from Facebook to console. I've been really disappointed in the games industry lately and would love to hear about what it is you like and maybe find something new. Featured Artists

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Reminder: If you want us to upload/submit for your collection

Just a reminder (or new info if you're a new watcher), if you want us to submit/upload something we have drawn for you so you can have it for your collection, please go to this journal: Featured Artists

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How to make weasyl your main gallery and encourage others to follow

So, I know there's already been some journals about this, but we've done the "moving to site" thing before and wanted to share a few tips with you guys a few ways to help move your watcherbase and make an easier transition to weasel from FA: 1. Post your submissions to weasyl first. We would do so…

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Weasyl Kiriban

Probably won't be for a while, but just some notice that Steph is doing a small sketch kiriban @ 1k watchers. You don't have to be the thousandth watcher, just the first to make a post in this journal after we hit 1k with the following character sheet filled out: Image Reference(s) : (max of 3 imag…

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If you want us to upload something here (your collections)

Hey guys! As many of you know, we don't plan up uploading everything from our old gallery just for the sheer volume of it. Most of the things getting cut are commissions. If you guys have a commission/IA from us in our FA gallery and would like us to upload it here for you to add to your collection…

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Is Weasyl Dead?

Not sure if it's because I'm out of the loop or what, but there haven't been any updates on the front page since September and the suggestion boards feel like yelling into the empty void that was once my hope for this site. Is anyone still around? Does anyone still care? I see people talking about…

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Would you care at all?

We had been recommended to Weasyl from FA, it was pitched to us as sort of a less "smutty" and more functional version of FA. I guess sort of like what DA would be if it was more focused on animal/anthro things. However I was in a stream tonight by someone who had come from DA and not FA, it had be…

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Commission ToS & FAQ

Additional Charges A brief list of things that will cost extra in your commission: Wing sets Additional limbs, including extra tails Complicated or heavy details, marking, clothing or otherwise (full detailed tiger, leopard, full body feather, etc) Very long hair Designing new clothing/styling (wit…