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Tsai Wolf / Male / California

Commissions: Filled
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Where to find me now

I decided to try keeping Weasyl up to date with the rest of my galleries but got suspended again. With the percentage of watchers I have on Weasyl even compared to InkBunny or SoFurry (or even Twitter) it doesn't make sense for me to invest time in this gallery anymore. Here are some places to alwa…

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Commissions Open!

But only for 24 hours. From now until tomorrow you have a chance to submit one idea to me to draw. I will select based on complexity of image (shaded is more likely to be chosen than flats) and images that I think will look the best. So getting a background is more likely to nab you a slot. MAIN CA…

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Commission Price Increased for 2016

Hey everyone, Now that it's a little ways into a new year, I figured it was time for some more updates! Over the last half a year or so I've been slowly trudging back to being on top of my commission stack again, and I have to say that it seems to be going very well. I'm nearly completely caught up…

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Commissions Opening for 24 hours

For the next 24 hours, I am accepting commission requests. At the end of 24 hours, I will accept no more and choose up to 10 that I want to do. The turnaround for these should be by February at the latest. For further details: Just fill this out for me: https://form.…

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Happy Halloween!

A happy Halloween to everyone! I hope everyone had a good week and have some fun plans today. My plan is to continue chugging away at commissions! It feels so good to get my queue down. I'm doing about five full pieces a week and should have my list clear by November! This means I may be opening up…

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For Everyone That Has Commissioned Me/Prints

Hi all! As some of you may know, I joined to handle my printing needs giving you professional prints of my work for as low as $4. They have a 24" industrial printer and use Kodak paper. The quality is just amazing. However, due to needing to focus on commission…

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Art Dump Incoming!!

And here comes the arts! Most of the images I'll be posting here are already on InkedFur. Once I catch up, all my new art will be on here so no need to follow me from all these different sites! Just follow me from your favorite =)