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Trae / 30 / Male / Australia

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*crashes in through the wall*

Oh, hai. Figured I should upload here again, haven't done so in forever but I hope people do enjoy the new uploads! <3

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Those of you who have me on Skype...

I'm not going to be on there nearly as much now that SkypeKit has been officially killed off by Microsoft. You can contact me more reliably by other means, including the following services: Twitter - @monster_tigon AIM - Traediras Steam - Traediras GTalk/Hangouts - MSN (yeah thi…

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Get to Know Me + AMA

Meme below, but if you don't wanna read through it straight away, then by all means leave some questions and I'll get to them ASAP. Also updated my banner, wish I had a bigger GPU to handle much bigger renders though.. Also working on revamping my commissions, and I will endeavour to get owed stuff…

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Ohai :3

Been getting into submitting some of my old work to Weasyl. ^^ Though I might need to fix the thumbnails and such.. Oh well :3

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RE: Skype

Essentially the dealio with Skype is this: Microsoft isn't going to allow third-party apps to access Skype through its SkypeKit API. Given that the official app is already getting infested with ads, I'm contemplating moving over to other platforms and not supporting Skype. I know this would be a si…

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Of Schedules and Commissions

The last year or so has been a real battle for me artistically, mainly because I've felt so burnt out for so long. No, I haven't jumped the shark, and yes I think now that I look back, I don't think I'd be able to make a proper career out of graphic design. Illustration or 3D or something like that…

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Hai. :3

First journal here :0 Just been getting myself set up, still trying to learn Weasyl. X3 Will have more stuffs uploaded soon though~