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Lord Lauri Wanhapieru Terwaperse / 33 / M / Finland

"If you want to test wisdom, offer it to fools and watch how they tear it up."
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Been quite a while, eh? In all honesty, my start for this year went bust badly since we had to put our dear cat down in January. He suddenly developed so bad urinary tract problems that not even a surgery would've guaranteed him to get better. So we decided it was best for him to fall asleep for th…

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Anyone else?

This has been in my mind for a good while now and it resurfaces every now and then. But basically, I sometimes look at the OCs of some artists I follow and some of them are really cool and all, enough so to make me want to draw them. My thought process usually goes from "I bet they'd like some fana…

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So, this time of the year has fallen upon us once again. For the past couple years I've realized it always way too late, like during the last week or something and never was able to produce anything for it. XD But now I'm actually making an effort to get something orcish up during this month. owo S…

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"Not again?!"

That's what I presume some people might think when they see that I'm now here as well. But that's hardly my problem, now is it? Anywho, I had been thinking about setting up a profile here as well and I ended up doing so all of a sudden. Clearly still learning the ropes here but overall I'm liking t…