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ice ocean // mordor, motherfucker

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i realized just now that most of my charas are ripoffs of other cools charas i saw. even kinoko is a weird third hand mutation of Roux, who remains my only chara that i cant seem to think of any inspo for except looking inside myself and dreaming up what kind of animal i would be for my very first…

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nero & ian very seriously recommended that i dont use FA anymore so i came by here to see what was up. and wow i gave like 100 ppl following me now that i need to follow back! im doing it now its just taking forever~ whats the scene like here guys? i missed all yall

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is it over

someone said "too bad weasyl died" the other day & it made me really sad because i love this site. i guess i need to be more active (everywhere) for things to start working .....i just want a tite community is that so much to wish for :C pls everyone lets work together to destroy FA and become best…