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I am really in the mood to get my art better and stuff since ive actually let myself rot away for a whole year whooa If you are up for a trade then comment here!!

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hi im gonna try post things now

i feel like im going to die all the time so im gonna draw more bcus thats what i should be doin anyway maybe ill be less apathetic

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I need nudes for my gender expression project!!

Would anybody be willing to send me nudes (no sexual situations plz) that i could draw and study from? Any body-type is a good body type! If you do not want to reveal your identity that is perfectly fine! Just send me links on anon! However I will need to ask you a few questions about your gender i…

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Its my birthday!

Im 19 today!! i got a trap cd and some cute gloves and my mum bought me vegan mock duck?? i hope it tastes good! im of to go eat some sweet potato fries now though!

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Get to know meme

What's your real name? George How tall are you? shorter than sam What's your natural hair color? browwn What's your eye color? grey What's your orientation? Asexual Are you single, taken or undecided? single-ish? What do you do in your spare time? nap and hug dogs What's your job or occupation? stu…

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its my birthday on the 27th im gonna be 19 ew

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im really impressed with this site so far and the amount of users its gaining and im so happy to see people migrate over to here!! uwu