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Tak / 32 / Male / Worcester, MA

Creativity is proof that we are alive.
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Thanks for all the follows!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the follows here, either through me telling you about my Weasyl or you finding me for the first time. Thanks for following me regardless! Enjoy!

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Fetish Art Warning

So, as fair warning to all my new and current watchers, I draw a wide range of fetishes (that's only growing). That includes diapers/babyfur, feral, goo, watersports and probably others. You're welcome to watch me, not watch me. -shrugs- I'd just rather not have to manage separate accounts like I w…

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Like many, I'm slowly making my way over to Weasyl. I've had my account for a while, but I'm just now starting to use it. You'll be seeing much more.