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Thrasian / United States

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Very soon I will be reviewing commission applications to fill the next four slots while the current batch is finished up. If you are interested in getting a commission, feel free to follow the instructions below and get one in soon in order to be considered. Before submitting an application, howeve…

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Progress on Patreon

Finally getting some progress made on my patreon page, getting some doodles and other stuff uploaded. Over the next few days I'll also be posting teasers and WIP crops of my first comic before it's completed enough to begin uploading. If you're interested in checking everything out and supporting m…

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Now On Patreon!

I've now officially launched my Patreon page here: Having never made an announcement related to this kinda thing, I'm not sure where to go with it. But either way, I'd love it if you could check it out, see what I'm hoping to do and offer, and if you're so inclined,…

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Commission applications are now open. I am continuing to take applications for commissions as I work through this next batch. This batch should be finished fairly quickly, so I am hoping to have enough applications to choose from once I'm ready to fill another four slots. Before submitting an appli…

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The Flame is Still There That’s the state of my, state of my, state of my head That’s the state of my, state of my, state of my head It’s been a long bumpy ride sittin’ back in the saddle It’s time to get down, dirty up our knees in the battle Come on, round up the boys, gonna ma…

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Curious About Streams

I stream regularly for friends and such, but i'm curious as to how many people would like to watch a weekly stream on Sundays. I could do it a couple other days throughout the week, but Sundays would be best for me. Thoughts?