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Accepting First Dibs on GSFC Commission Slots!

It's been awhile since I've done a convention, but I will be attending Golden State Fur Con as a dealer! If you're local to Irvine, please come check out this first-year con. I have high hopes for them :) While I no longer take at-con commissions, I will be accepting a small number of commissions t…

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Merchandise Liquidation SALE! 25% OFF!

Well I'm back from BLFC, and I wanted to thank everyone for making this the best 30th birthday party/con ever! As some of you already know, I'm taking a long hiatus from the con circuit. I'm not sure when I'll be dealing at cons again, but it won't be for at least a year, likely longer. That said,…

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NEW store items, DISCOUNT merch!

Thanks everyone for an amazing FC! As promised, I've put my unsold and newest merch up on my Storenvy. Store: http://thornwolf.storenvy.com Browse by category! The front page shows "Featured Items" which are my newest additions, drastically discounted items (miniature originals and my OOAK art doll…

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HomeCon/Jammie Jam this weekend!

Instead of Jammie Jam this fall, we're joining the ranks of HomeCon this weekend, as featured on Tigerdile (www.tigerdile.com). What is HomeCon? (Shamelessly borrowed from Michele Light) HomeCon features a bunch of artists who set up a virtual Dealer's Room on the Tigerdile streaming service on the…

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SUNDAY SALE - Jammie Jam - 25% Off!

A lot of cons have a Sunday Sale, and Jammie Jam is no different. Here are my current sales for my storenvy store: http://thornwolf.storenvy.com CODES: JammieJam - Free Shipping on all US Orders JammieJamInternational- Free Shipping on international orders of $20 or more SUNDAY SALE JammieJam25 - 2…

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Commission queue now publicly visible on Trello!

Lately I've noticed a trend that whenever I upload ANY art, even if it's been owed for a long time or personal, within a few hours I get an email "Where's MY art though?" or "Have you started mine yet?". This is a very new concept to me because in the past, I've had more free time to just draw orde…

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Why I am no longer doing color badges at conventions

I've been thinking about this for awhile but I've finally made the decision that I will no longer be offering colored works (mostly badges) to be completed at conventions. I still offer take-home color badges of all types, but my only at-con commissions from here on out will be sketchbooks, inked s…

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Want to see more of my personal art? consider becoming a Patron!

http://www.patreon.com/Thornwolf I've set up a Patreon page to help me be able to afford to create personal artwork. Many of your favorite pieces of artwork that I've created were the direct result of my own inspiration and time, not commissions, but because, like everyone, I need to pay the bills,…

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Tax Season Sale - 15% OFF and discount sticker sale!

In honor of Tax Season, my online store is running a 15% off discount from now until March 16th. No code needed, the discount automatically applies to all categories except for stickers and magnets. Store: http://thornwolf.storenvy.com HOWEVER, stickers and magnets have a special going on right now…

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Saturday Morning Cartoons - Sketch Commissions

Some of you might remember these from FA, but I've decided to start them here too. Saturday Morning Cartoon Commissions! **What is a Saturday Morning Cartoon? ** I work on my regular commissions during the week, but on my "free" time (on Saturdays, hence the name) I like to doodle stuff, but since…

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80's Badges - Preorder for Biggest Little Fur Con!

I've just uploaded some recent 80's style badges in preparation for this year's Biggest Little Fur Con (BLFC) which is 80's themed this year! I'm not taking badges to be completed at conventions anymore, so the only way to get a badge from me is to preorder online. Here's what I'm offering for 80's…

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"Get To Know Me" Meme

Since I'm getting a lot of new followers as well as the usual suspects, I figured I'd indulge in this little introduction meme. What's your real name? Nicole Names you go by? Thorn, Nicole or Niko (NEVER Nickie as the diminutive form of Nicole) How old are you? 28 How old do you feel/act? 40 :P How…

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Welcome, New Watchers!

Thank you everyone for watching me over on this gallery :) So as to not be a pain in the butt, I will be starting this gallery relatively fresh and will not be posing my old artwork here. I will also be organizing my art into sketches, commissions, badges and such so my main gallery doesn't become…

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Get your 2013 Werewolf Calendar today! Makes a great gift!

So you may have noticed some of my uploads are from the Werewolf Calendar project. If you liked those, I have great news for you! http://werewolfcalendar.com Give a fun and unique gift this holiday season with the 2013 edition of the Werewolf Calendar! Each month has a different illustration by a t…