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Ax diosito mio
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Yeah this place is dead

I updated the links so if for some reason someone came here, liked my work, and realized I don't use this place, they can find me. Pretty much the only thing this place has over Tumblr is apng, which... if I animate again I'll thinka y'all.

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Do you care about spoilers?

Like I cherish my ability to surprise people with my comics, but I also love showing people my work, and sometimes that's a character coming in the future, or a plot point... so it makes it hard to show people. Though I notice some people post art of characters that haven't been in the comic for a…

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Long time no see

I'm mainly curious to see how much this website changed, or if it's eternal beta. It's hard to do things for free, I don't blame these guys.

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I feel sorry for whoever's in charge of making sure people don't submit crap they didn't made. What's a collection? LOL

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Weasyl doesn't support APNG

So this is officially the worst art site I've ever used. I wonder if this place has a suggestion box or something.

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Well this place let me use my actual name so A+ there... You can't post comics, so this is worse than InkBunny. I can't have an APNG icon so this is worse than devianTART... Uhmmm... I dunno I'll give it a try, but I'm sure this place is just a different InkBunny.