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Taffy Character Auction

Just a reminder, my character auction for Taffy will be closing tomorrow! She's a lovely octopus lady ready to take on an underwater adventure! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19069937/ In other news, I'm working on a diptych featuring a hare and a lot of feathers. I'm hoping to post a WIP here in…

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Mezzik character auction

Just a couple more days until I close out the character auction for my lovely owl, Mezzik! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18983933/ Check it out before time runs out on the 9th!

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Commission info is up!

Trying something new this time around and focusing on concept art specifically. If you have an idea for your world, need asset ideas, character designs, or just a full blown illustrated reference of your baby - I can do these things! See below this journal entry for details!

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Get To Know Me - Meme

Stolen from Felici What's your real name? You can call me Ash if you like Names you go by? Ash, Barnacle... shout in my general direction and I'll probably answer :) How old are you? 27 How old do you feel/act? About my age I suppose, though I get along with people older than me easily How tall are…