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Current Commission List Feb 3rd

A current list of commissions in progress, these are the ones that are PAID. I have room for more work, so just message me if you'd like something! izixs (FA) reaux eltigero (FA) I should have something finished on this list by tonight! Or at least very close to done.

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Anthrocon... Suggestions please!

So I managed to snag a last minute dealers table at anthrocon... and this year I plan to expand on my first dealing experience last year! Im thinking about doing sketches this time as well as my usual badges. Though they will look a lot different by then! I also want to try selling prints and origi…

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Get to know me?

What's your real name? Nic How tall are you? 5'4" What's your natural hair color? Brown/Blonde depending on how much of a hermit I am What's your eye color? Blue What's your orientation? Beast Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken What do you do in your spare time? Draw, watch tv, browse intern…

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"Main" Gallery

In response to some activity occurring on another website, I have created this page along with galleries over on deviantArt and SoFurry. While I plan to be active on all sites equally, it seems as though most of my buddies have made the move here, so here is where I will be more likely to see messa…