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T.Gemini / 24 / Male / California

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Emergency Break

So...I don't like that I have to make this post, But it MUST be done. I don't want to just disaapear again. I won't waste time: Something highly serious came up in my personal life so all my socials will be put on a very slow crawl, if not completely on hold. I won't be looking at them for a while…

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Happy July 4th

Quick and simple just withing ya guys a good 4th of July. (Or just a good day if you don't do July.) No Patriotic art from me, too busy putting ideas on paper/tending to the neglected backlog. XD

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Happy Thankgiving/Holidays

It's just as the title says. Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll(or happy holidays if ya don't really do thanksgiving). I do have a pic or 2 in the works but it likely won't be done today, so expect it tomorrow or at the very least the begining of next week.

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2 more months

just saying that it's exactly 2 months till gain a new number to my age. Not gonna lie it's strange where I'm at when I'm 22.

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General Update

Just wanted to give y'all an update on what's going on with me. So first off I was actually supposed to be back to school at the beginning of this week, but because of COVID-19 Everyone was given an extra week. however now the school is basically shut down and classes have been moved to be purely o…

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Could use a helping hand

Not gonna make this too long so here's the short of it: gonna need some money to care of some stuff that need to be ASAP. I'm trying to take care of it tho comms would greatly help. Don't fret tho I'll be fine, just in a tiny bind.

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Looks like semester's taking it easy on my time.

It's the start of the 3rd week back in school, and with my schedule solidified I have a bit more time to draw now (mostly cause I don't have to walk so much). Anyways with that I can get commissions done faster. good for me as I could use pocket change. Food, school materials, and all that jazz.

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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

it is as the title says. Hope y'all have a good day regardless. ^^ I also may or may not havve some sketches that I'll post later today. If not early tomorrow depending on when I finish it. ^^;

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breaks on! ( already tecnically started)

So yea. My breaks actually started on Friday at 2:15 since that's when I finished my last class of the semester. I spent the rest on Friday on a train to get home and Saturday to get into the swing of things back here at home. With that being said I have 2 weeks to myself (mostly), so hopefully I c…

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On Break

Just saying that I do not have school for a bit now! I sadly still have some homework but ey, what can ya do. I'll be able to at least make progress on any trades I made. And if anyone wants a commission this week would be a good enough time as any.

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College again

just another update thing. So I moved back into a college dorm and back to being mostly left alone. I'll keep trying to draw as always but now it'll be competing with homewwork. As a side note had to get some minor toe surgery done before I moved in so now I have to deal with wearing a bunch of ban…