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teryxc / Male / Singapore

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CONTEST END - Result, Answer and Explanation

Winner announcement + answer explanation here: Congratulations to all three for the correct answer! Only one will be picked as the YCH winner, but the remaining two will recieve a smaller reward as well.

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NEW YEAR Contest for free art - One Feral YCH with Teryx!

MUST be watching to qualify! Contest ends in 2 weeks, on 2nd March. Main journal on FA here: THE CONTEST ENTRY Your answer, which involves 2 numbers. a. Which art piece, in this series, was posted in the wrong order? b. What is its correct place in the s…

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Gallery Migration

So! Finally shifted over most of my commission pieces to Weasyl and SoFurry, in light of the FA/IMVU fiasco. I must say that Weasyl was the lesser trouble of the 2 to migrate to; clean interface, smart thumbnails. Cheers, and I'll see more of you guys soon!

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Weasyl entry

This site certainly looks quite fresh, will attempt to update my watch lists and friends over here! For the time being, will simply add select artworks as I settle down. edit: clean and sophisticated, the only downer I can find is that all submission thumbnails are square - which cuts out some flav…