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our new years reverlostion

This year me and tardis55's new year revelation will be, not to do too many trades and requested at the same time because it wouldn't be possible for us to do any of our own pictures, so we are going to take it easy and make sure to take breaks after a drawing that we do. good luck in the new year.…

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https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8445220/ please pass it on

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Taking a break

Hello everyone We wanted to let someone of you know that both me and my brothers will be taking a break from request for a while because we been having too much work on our hands and we can't keep up. But we will still be post up some pictures, just not requested ones. I hope you understand

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Today's the big day

it both me and my twin brothers birthday on the 4th June If you like you could make some present if you want to