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They pelted me with rocks and garbage.
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So, I have finally made prints available of three of my more detailed illustrations. They're for sale in very limited quantities at my Etsy store. Have a look!

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how NOT to make comics

Howdy folks! I made a video on my comics making process called, "How NOT to make comics." It's on my youtube channel, available here:

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Etsy Store!

Last night, I opened an Etsy Store so I might try to sell some of my ink drawings from over the years. I will also be adding prints, large prints to the store in a few days. Please head on over and take a look. I try to price things reasonably. I rarely sell anything and don't seem to make it to co…

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Movie review videos to watch

Hey, for what it's worth, I started a video movie review vlog late last year. So far, I've made two videos, one reviewing "X-Men Days of Future Past," and the other reviewing "Prometheus." I try to offer 'solutions' to the problems I had with both films, something that's generally missing from over…

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Ursa Major Awards

Hey folks. It's Ursa Major time. For those who don't know, it's the fandom's version of the Hugo, given out each year for the best in anthro work, ranging from literature to graphic novels and beyond. Since Tamino came out last year, it's eligible for a nomination and I'm asking your help in at lea…

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An artist outside the fandom well worth checking out

I was browsing one of the animation blogs I frequent awhile back and there was a story about a Korean artist that looked pretty cool. So I followed the link and found a video of someone flipping through one of his sketchbook collections. I was mesmerized. The artist's name is Kim Jung-gi and man ca…

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Banner and thank you

So I tossed a banner up there because it seemed I should. That being said, it's a placeholder. All the stuff in there is old work just copied and pasted. LAY-ZEE. I'll work on one and upload it when I can. Thanks to the folks that have been following me here. I am not the most vocal or connected pe…