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Fursuits!~ ALSO CON NEWS.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this on here or not, but I've been working on a pre-made fursuit to sell/auction/whatever. It's gonna be a shiba inu c: I ordered the rest of the fur for it today, so once that comes in the post it'll be full steam ahead and I hope to get it finished soon-ish. And…

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Bored. PWYW art!

Heyyyyy, so I'm kinda bored rn, and I feel like drawing. So it's Pay What You Want art time! It'll be flat coloured work, w/ plain or gradient backgrounds (because backgrounds suck). My Paypal is paypal.me/sybrantshep so just drop a comment below or message me with what you'd like and put any amoun…

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I finished an art pad!

This is a really silly thing to be excited about, but that last upload used the last sheet of paper in my marker pad. I've had that pad for about 2-3 years, but only recently got really into markers so most of the use was in the past year, on and off. I can't remember the last time I completely fil…

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Gender thoughts.

This is going to be one of those journals where I ramble, feel free to ignore this. So, for those don't know by now, I'm transgender, and I live as male, as best I can without hormones and surgery (I'm still waiting on medical help, but that's a whole other journal!). But one sticking point I've no…

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Free headshots, anyone?

I'm bored. Anyone want a free headshot? I'm best with canines but I'll give other critters a go. It'll just be a rough pen and marker piece each, and I can't promise I have the right marker colours for every character ever so it'll be an approximation, but yeah! c:

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So I just made an apple crumble (well, it's mostly crumble, but there's a little bit of apple at the bottom...) and it's half 10 at night and I have thoughts. My life's got kind of complicated lately and a lot of things have flipped upside-down. But out of this, I've realised I have some of the mos…

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I got myself a streaming thingy! (+ added life rambles)

I worked out how to live stream my doodlings! :D I'm not a very interesting artist, and I suspect any attempts to host a stream would just be me drawing and ignoring the chat for the most part. But I thought it'd be nice to have the option. You can find my streaming page here: https://furstre.am/st…

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Eurofurence 2014 Meme

Where are you staying? In the Estrel itself :D What day are you getting there? Tuesday, probably in the afternoon. Who will you be with? My partner Lutis Who will you hang out with during the convention? Probably same as above, I barely know anyone in the fandom. :c Are there any panels you might b…

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Eurofurence in 2 weeks! Eeeeeeee~~!

So I'm going to be going to EF20 in just a few weeks! We're doing early arrival, so we'll be arriving on Tuesday 19th, staying until Sunday. I am super excited, EF19 last year was a blast, and this year should be even better :D I have to buy a new holdall though, my old suitcase doesn't fit my new…

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Another fursuit update

So I took a few months break from the fursuiting stuff, then started again big-time the other day. I've now finished my bodysuit pattern, woop! And started hacking up bits of foam for the head (though I don't currently have a hot glue gun so progress on that has now halted). I've also found some sl…

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More fursuit rambles.

Hullo again! Bodysuit pattern is slowly coming together. Although it's difficult trying to pattern things on yourself, as I can only reach so many places! I'll have to get my wolfthing to help with the back when he is here this weekend. I've pretty much done the digi now, just a matter of getting t…

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Starting a new fursuit :)

After much discussion with Lutis, I've been given the go-ahead to start work on a new suit. I'm prioritising making a new bodysuit, but if time allows I might have a completely new fullsuit for EF, head and all. :) Today I bought cheap polycotton to build a pattern for the bodysuit. As I don't like…

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Hello World!

Well, I've decided to set up camp here. I'm not going to upload all my art, as a lot of the stuff on my FA was super old, and when I move galleries I tend to use the opportunity to start anew. Gotta say the interface is nice here. There are lots of little features I like, like filtered tags and the…