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Revolver Lancelot / 29 / Male / Durham, NC

Unfortunately, as you are probably already aware, computers
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So like

One of my favorite artists just got himself all set up here on Weasyl. Go mash your face against his follow button. batnoise

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Stream changes!

I'm going to be making a few changes to the way I do streams. First and foremost I'm going to be switching to a service hosted by a friend. My page will remain the same, but the actual rtmp service will no longer be hosted with Twitch and I'm going to be trying a variety of different players for th…

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That meme that's flooding my notifications

Why not? What's your real name? Take a guess. It's not hard to figure out. How tall are you? ~151 cm What's your natural hair color? Dark red What's your eye color? Green, but It looks blue from farther away. What's your orientation? Sitting or standing when not lying down. Are you single, taken or…

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YES. YES you CAN tag my uploads. I suck at tagging, so feel free to help out!

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I have returned!

Well, now that the bug with the audio submissions causing half my submissions to fail has been fixed, I believe I shall become active here again. Apparently this bug has been fixed for a while, but I was unaware because the thread had not been updated to reflect this. I'm going to be uploading a lo…

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Holding my first remix contest!

I've decided to hold a remix contest for This Is A Test. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Official deadline is April 23, 2013. DETAILS ARE OVER HERE:

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He has a name!

I was looking at the pic just did for me and it struck me. He's Scarecrow. Yeah, I bet you were expecting something at least a little name-y like Marcus or Ivan or something. Nope, he's Scarecrow. I might come up with a "real" name for him later. For those of you completely lost, go re…

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Now that I've pretty much stopped doing mashups, I'm going to be changing up the way I do commissions. I will still take mashup commissions pretty much all the time, and remix commissions on an "if-I-feel-like-it" basis. And I'm still not really going to be working on a schedule. It's done when it'…

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Allow me to say this here, too

In case you guys haven't noticed already, Weasyl just opened up for registration. No more invites needed! And due to some drama on FA recently, a bunch of people are "leaving" FA for Weasyl. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I AM NOT LEAVING FA. I AM NOT LEAVING FA. I AM NOT LEAVING FA. Furthermore, Weasyl will…

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No more groups?

Looks like the groups thing has been gutted completely. I hope this isn't permanent!

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I just realized something

Why am I joining all these groups for furs when I'm not a furry? I guess I'm used to FA where 90% of the groups have some form of the word fur or furry in the title. Here's to hoping that nobody starts drama because I've left these groups.

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Iterating through

Going over the status of musical projects here: Guess & Check: In progress -Actual: Done -This is a Test: Done -The Shoulders Steve Stood Upon: Almost done -Invisible Forest: Not started -False Reckoning: In progress -Internal Disconnect: Inspired -Untitled: Started Canned Music: In progress -This…

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I'm here. Will get all my stuffs uploaded eventually. I'm having trouble uploading music. I've reported it in the forums, so it should be fixed soon. Turns out ACID's MP3 coder gives its output files the MIME type of application/octet-stream, which confuses the hell out of the uploader, EDIT: Wasn'…