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Switchbit / Seattle, WA

Life is a tree and I am a fish.
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
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Other Platforms

Not going anywhere, but I want a more recent journal to feature so it doesn't look like this profile is abandoned at a glance. I crosspost to a lot of places but as always my main social platform is Twitter. Twitter DeviantArt FurAffinity Tumblr Instagram Pillowfort

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Old Uploads Incoming

Just realized I have some old gifs I could be sharing on here. All of them are just scraps of projects that never quite came to fruition but other platforms enjoyed them so I figure I should share them here too. They're all kind of esoteric so I'll try to explain them best I can.

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Where Else To Find Me

Decided I could use a journal bump and thought his could be a good opportunity to throw out where else you can typically find me on the internet. Twitter I'm not always tweeting but I'm almost always there. Tumblr Not really my most social place but I'm there often. Other Galleries: Art Blog Fur Af…

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Commission Status

So I just opened up for a few commissions for anyone interested, I've still got one slot open at the moment and with my tentative opening they are half price. All filled up! You can check out my commission sheet here: Thanks. (ノ´ー`)ノ

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I almost forgot about making a banner! I really want/need to make one. Since I can actually use it on several sites as well as this one. Though I have no idea what to do for a banner. ┗┃・ ■ ・┃┛ Also I could have swore I made this journal already, but I have no journals listed?? Weird. Oh well.