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Animal Crossing Animation Meme!

Hey everyone! I just finished making an Animation Meme! It's just in time for Animal Crossing: New Horizons too! aaaaaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdM5O0tVGWg

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200 Follower Twitter Raffle!

Hey all! I just hit 200 followers on Twitter! Anyone can join in as long as they have a twitter account! I'll be hosting raffles for follower milestones across several platforms so keep your eyes open for those! https://twitter.com/S4G1TT4R10N/status/1231744262250778624?s=19

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Commissions are Open!

Opening slots for commissions early! I'll be opening about 5 slots at a time so that I may help regulate myself a little and give myself time to do personal work in between! Commission Information: https://swiftyuki.weebly.com/prices.html

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Please help me!

I'm not entirely sure but I think my desktop is nearing its end and I need money to replace it (because I don't have enough to buy a new one asap). I'm going to be looking at computers and then set up a progress bar with the amount needed for the computer. I'm going to close kiribans for a while an…

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Commission Sales!!

There will be a sale on commissions for 50-75% off the original price, YCH included. This sale will continue until Januray 2, the day after New Year's. YCH,Silhouettes, Sketches, Linearts, and Flat coloured busts will be 50% off. Pixels*, Shaded busts, Flat full bodies, shaded full bodies [Singular…

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I need help getting money so I can work on paying off a $19,500-24,000 debt while I'm here at uni and I have /no/ commissions what so ever and I really really really need the help right now. I'd love to do commissions here and I apologize for being so inactive lately ;3;

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So um

Yeah, I'm trying to make FA, nabyn, and pixiv more active. I think I'll just try to make this site just as active c: I'm gonna be uploading things, yeah. But I'm not re-uploading things that are already on dA, tumblr, pixiv, nabyn, or FA because I'm too lazy to. I'll probably only re-upload specifi…