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I don't check this as often as I should

Title says it all! I am going to strive to log onto this profile more often! I do use a multi-uploader to post art but I should also take the initiative to actually look at this site X3 If you just got a reply back from me when the initial message was sent months ago this is why! Also I will be pos…

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Pay What You Want Commissions (Help my Grandparents)

Hey everyone, I am opening my commissions as PWYW, with the minimum of $2USD and unlimited slots. My grandparents are in financial trouble and are just managing to get by with my grandma still working, but it is starting to not be enough. Especially now that tax season has come and they owe quite a…

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CHEAP Commissions OPEN (Please read I need medical help)

Hey everyone. I am in dire need of a therapy massage. I have chronic back pains that require me to visit the chiropractor every four weeks maximum or else it becomes slowly impossible for me to walk and do other things like basic functions. I have a slipped lower disc, a curve to my spine and last…