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studysaysno / 33 / Legion / Chicago IL

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freebie sunday (because i forgot on friday)!!

hey hit me up if you want anything! just post a quick description/link to character/prompt in the comments! if you don't want anything, feel free to tell a friend who might like free art~ can't always promise color, but here's what i did in response to last friday's requests:…

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freebie friday

soo Cisqur was talking about doing free art on fridays and i thought, heyyy that sounds cool. so if you'd like a sketch from me please leave a comment! and if you'd like something from him head over there, too! i'm interested in being asked to draw things i don't usually draw..i think. just leave a…

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woodburning badges -- $30 each

Hey folks, Cisqur and I are collaborating on woodburning badges! Here are some examples: oxy haley & thicket crackers & dubs Remaining slots are $30 each! Available in color and monochrome (same price). lawyerdog h-dub crackers dexter rabbit riley coyote 6.redapeguy 7. 8. 9. 10. Feel free to commen…

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does anybody have one? I'll gladly follow back! here's mine:

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get to know me meme..thingy..

What's your real name? Alicyn How tall are you? 5'2" I think What's your natural hair color? light brown, a little reddish in the sun, and the more sun I get the more this is true What's your eye color? definitely hazel. on the yellow/brown side of green. What's your orientation? queer Are you sing…