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Dao / 23 / M / SoCal

Here for a good time, not a long time.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Hey, y’all! I have a Patreon! If you like my art and wish to support me further, feel free to pledge or spread the word! There are three tiers, pledging to any gives you first dibs on commissions and future adoptables as well as being able to see my sketches and drawing process on each piece, plus…

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Concerning Absence

Hello, I’m not dead yet, I’ve been posting on Facebook, FurAffinity, and Instagram. I mainly use Instagram, I don’t really post here because I don’t feel like my art gets enough traction on this site. I’ll probably still upload from time to time, but not everything I draw. I have a couple commissio…

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I’m here to post sexy furreys

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This site has become dead to me once again, however if you are still interested in my art, I am most active on Instagram as 15dao or FA as Razno. I may come back in time but for now, I’ll be retiring from here. Take care!