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Brushfeather / 33 / Female / MA

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Find me elsewhere!

Yeah I don't use Weasyl anymore. Sorry, guys! No luck with this community. I'm most active on deviantART, Tumblr, and Facebook: http://brushfeather.deviantart.com http://brushfeather.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/brushfeather I'm mildly active on Fur Affinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/…

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Locked out of FA, so...

Welp. I'm locked out of FA and no one will help me, so I'm back! I'm most active on Tumblr, however: http://straycreations.tumblr.com If you want to get a hold of me or are interested in a commission, that's the best way to reach me. Anyway! I'll be using this gallery strictly for paintings, where…

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... Not sure if this place is worth it?

Man. I love the setup on Weasyl. I love the system. I love the layout. I love the organization. But... where is everyone? I feel like I'm out in the middle of the desert. I can't help but feel I'm wasting my time here. I don't want to feel that way because I'd love to see this place take off... but…

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Sketches & WIPs moving to Tumblr

Hey all! Because of Weasyl's setup (amongst other things), I've decided to keep my sketches and WIPs on my tumblr. Give it a follow! http://straycreations.tumblr.com

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A fresh new start + Project Plans

I've entirely emptied this gallery as I begin my journey anew as an artist. Here's to a fresh new start - I can't wait to see what the future holds! --Project Plans--- These are just some notes on what I've been musing on lately. No distinct schedule on any of these, I haven't quite found my rhythm…

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Hello, Weasyl!

Why hello, Weasyl community! It seems I've finally found my way here after nervously tiptoeing away from it for a year or so since first hearing word. I rather like the setup here, although I can't seem to find where all that commission information I put in actually went... hmm! I look forward to s…