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pink thing from Twitter / 28 / NB / West Texas (we live in a giant bowl)

"It's what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."
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Life after the fire

Okay so a LOT has happened. If you frequent my Twitter, you would know we had a house fire that was started maliciously. Before that, that house was the only place we had to live out here. Thanks to dear friends, we are sheltered and warm. I got a different job and making less money than my previou…

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Open for discount badges!!!

Hi there~!!! To gain an audience and to spread my art further, I'm opening for 5-6 slots for only $10 each!!! A long time mutual on Twitter bought a commission, tipped me graciously and it has allowed me to get on my account on Michael's and cart a set of Copic markers. I had my character Kori in m…

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Good things are happening

So I'm getting better at art finally!!!✨✏💜 Still open for a couple of slots at a time for badges. Ref sheets can be discussed but please note that all of my work is done on paper with old-fashioned Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, ball point pen, and colored pencils. I own a thermal laminator and know wh…

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Moving once again but this time its a good thing

So I'm moving again. Back to Odessa. But my boyfriend is coming with me!!! Getting an open Uhaul trailer for my bed and bookshelves and stuff and taking both cars across Texas. But I'm the only one with a job now and working for all this money takes a toll... I'd like to say "I'll be open for commi…

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New to this journal thing

I don't do these often but due to the fact I haven't come to this site in a few months, I felt this was necessary. I believe I created this account when I lived in the Permian Basin. There I had a great paying job with my own apartment and money to burn. Due to a shitty manager at my job, I was dee…

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Working on new art

I know I've been silent for a while, not that I'm very talkative as it is, but I have been trying out new styles in my art. New lining, inking, shading, poses, and all new ideas! Really would mean a lot if I could get commissioned or maybe even a trade so I can practice even more~ Really don't want…

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Need to get home...

I am in West Texas, in the Permian Basin, middle of BF nowhere. Home is East Texas, Houston area. I have no job and have been trying to get one for two months now. All my commissions I get are going towards paying for gas IF a friend (that I'm living with unfortunately. Dont get me wrong I'm gratef…

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Problems with FurAffinity

Anyone else having problems with FurAffinity?? I can't upload art that is most definitely under the 10 Mb limit, and I can't even make a journal entry leading people to my Weasyl. Had to make a shout and hope for the best.