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"Eat my entire ass."
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Hey free sketches!!

If I did free sketches and you liked them you could pay me to finish them. Because I need money. Please give me your money Ill draw cute furries.

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gggg i need 2 get back into the swing of things, so im taking requests for pokemon. make me draw things.

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how the hell does she see a cute little cat where i see and feel a blood thirsty wolf, priests sure are weird.

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im sick

and since its towards the end of the school year i cant stay and work from home. yaaaaaaaaaaay

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I really need money

I live in a household made of a abusive mother and a father who is too scared to do anything about it. The point is that if Im going to survive 3 more years of grueling hell Im gonna need money so I can move out as soon as possible and buy things to keep me happy and to distract me from my mental p…

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now that I think about it

What even are prinaes? are they reptiles? mammals? birds? fish? we just dont know. maybe theyre some form of furry amphibian for all I know.