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Taking a break

I need to put some focus on some IRL issues plus I'm working on 2 personal projects which requires a lot of writing and some coding. I'm probaby going to be away for another couple of months or so, but I'll have plenty of art to post up. Also check this out because it's important! if you wan to tal…

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So PS5 or XBOX Series X? Which one would you get?

So the consoles themselves aren't offically out yet, which one would you buy at launch or within the next 2-3 years of their life cycle? For me, I'd probably be going for Xbox this time around, even though I've been a Playstaion Junkie since the late PS1 to the current outgoing PS4 with the excepti…

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Bringing Back My Older Ocs?

Before I get into this jounal, I want to breifly explain the history of my old account/profile and how I moved over here, abandoning my old past. That way, you'll have full context and won't think that I'm stealing from a dead account. About 2-3 years ago, I started Posting on FA & DA under the use…

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My thoughts on The COVID-19 Virus + New Warriors

I hope everyone is doing well in times like these. To be completely honest, I thought this COVID-19 virus was a joke until seeing just how serious the situation is. The social distancing thing is pretty easy for me I guess since I'm pretty much an introvert. Also the toilet paper crisis has to be t…

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Updating my pages

I'd figure it'd be time to redo my bio on my profile and start arranging some new folders for my OCs as I'm pretty much halfway done writing their bios. Also going to make some new rules for the sake of future trades, collabs and maybe even commission. Might make a new profile ID along with it too.…

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Interacting more with you guys?

Hey guys! I've noticed how little I interact with the community. I apologize for the introversion and quick simple responces. I've been struggling a lot with socal skills a lot these past few years but as of recent times I'm able to hold a conversation IRL. So I'd figure it would be best if I start…

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Update: New PC!

I've recently got a new computer, so I'll start uploading more frequently. I don't have much new art to post as I drew rarely in 2019, and reuploading my older stuff from my old account is just...ew lol! I've been through a lot but things should be looking up now!

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Quick Update: Restructuring & Retuning in 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve been online. A lot of stuff when down that nearly caused me to lose faith, but I’ve learned to stay strong through tough times. I’m still homeless and all, but keeping a chunk of hope helps keep me going.    In about a month or so, I’m going to be returning partially to…

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UPDATE: Returning to activity(Slowly..)

Hey guys! I'm making a slow crawl back to being active, mostly by having various artwork and etc. I'm usually going to be more active on Discord, Instagram and Twitter for the time being. I'm in a much better mood that earlier this year so that's one thing going well! As far as future content goes,…

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Hiatus Extention/Suffering from Artist's Burnout.

I'm Sorry to say this. but I won't be comming back fully until the middle of 2019.  I've just haven't been in the mood to deal with the community due to certain circumstances with life. My will to draw, paint, sketch, anything to do with visual arts has been impaired severely by depression, anxiety…

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About that recent post... (Plus a quick PSA)

So the recent artwork I've posted had a character that I originally thought had belonged to an Instagram user (who deleted their account sometime before I even started painting the sketch), but the the character actually belongs to @Skullcritter on Twitter. As it turned out, someone had requested m…

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Opps, also forgot to mention....

Forgotnto mention.. My posting scedule has changed from  Mon-Fri to Wed-Sat @3:30 EST. 4/3/2019 is when my upload scedule officially starts. Posted using PostyBirb

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Hiatus Update

Due to recent events, my live has gotten a lot more busy. Now I'm getting into game development, which is allredy time consuming itself. As of now, I haven't started on any real development projects, just simple tests to get a feel on the Unity game deveopment tool. I still draw on the side but its…

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Taking a Long break(2 months or more)

Look, I know this is sudden and all but from the way life is going, I personaly think its for the best.  As the title clearly states, I’m going to be taking a 2 month break from general activity on every site I post on, possibly even longer. The main reason for this is because I don’t have enough a…

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Update: Starting Point-Commissions/Writing Out Ocs

Ok. So before I begin this journal, I want to address a few things that concern discord and my shouts. I'm fine talking with people on discord, but please don't invite me to your server unless I've gotten to know you for a while. Just talking to someone and joining a server within minutes kinda fee…

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Sorry, no art today...

I'm sorry guys, but I'm not posting any art today. Mondays & Fridays are usually my upload days, but I coudn't make it today. The reasoning for this is because I've been really busy with my school work and dealing with a few rough parts in life[i]. Hopefully I'll have somthing up In the weekend, so…

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Update: Posting this friday/Improving My Art?

So I've manage to get some art nearly completed(the sketches at least). I'll probably be posting artwork by this friday. In fact fridays and mondays between 3:30-6:30 will probably be my posting days, with fridays having more polished stuff. The reasoning for this scedule is that my classes are wit…

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A quick update

I might not post on main sites like Deviantrt or FurAffinity until I build up enough artwork to start posting in a consistent manner. Yes I know that's not good for audiences, but at the same time I know most people don't too much care for sketches or unfinished crap. But just be paitent ok? Also I…