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37 / M / USA

Trades: Sometimes
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Midspring Upper

Sifting about some things, catching up with the wish of having more content for here. WIll be uploading items in the meanwhile. I also would like to provide some services but will yield to interest.

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My, My, My...

This lil spot needs a refresh, yes? Once I find a nice roll of items going - my Weasyl should shake off the hiberation. I'm around, just getting a feel for who's here still and what's up

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Season Bump

Hi there all, Still breezing thru, yet I foresee some tidying in the future. Been looking to do a nice brand of low-res oekaki as main a smaller portable comp these days

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Just a small bump, I think should be back around these parts in a bit. Feeling 50/50 with the hustle of things

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Dec Update

Stepped away for a moment for some RL handling. Mostly held on doing a journal because I wanted to do the update in one felt swoop. Alas, new day and to finish up some works. Mom is so-so, still will fundraise as she's still in the red. Otherwise more on the way. Thanks for taking a look and any su…

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Weekend Update

Finishing up an arrangement from yesterday to today, so uploads will take a moment. Also I think I can shift the prices that were originally posted if anyone was taking a peek.

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Commission Available

For a time I was wondering about ways to add to the community, and decided its a nice time to try a hand at commissions As life is busy, the services will start small and grow from there as I divert more time to you. Added the gallery will be updated with art showing in example to such services. Cu…

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Sept Sketches

I think I can go the B/W and sketch route while I work on these other tasks. A little pouty no color is polished at the moment but that comes with the new learnings these days. However I rather not let the page stagnate. A simply "this will do" is fine too :) Nov Edit: I've been quiet, be back in a…

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Checking follows, tabbing thing to do, Hopefully it won't be a flood but its a good mood as of late. After the post I'll chime in if anyone would art later, right now just scaffolding

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June: Random

Ok This is one of those journals (first person). One, Oh My Goodness I didn't think that arting mega plush fur bodies would be --this-- relaxing and interesting. I mean I know I like mass and size but...goodness. What do blush grumps ( note: shock and awed ) Two, holding on to posting en masse til…

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Reduce exposure to heat Run the many errands Preen Schedule Fun Lots of framework in the background.

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starts with a fever, bah. ( will edit or add a journal as info comes)

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Started quiet and relaxing, and now the musing art is non-stop traffic. Got to find a quick rest stop to post more. PS. bah, I thought I had post for this month

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Winter Storms

Cleaning up from the last one, good I need only time in the right directions :P

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Its been humid and hot and doesn't make for a lot of speed for this one. Plus I've watching the amount of heat my new computer parts make so time will have a slow but steady pace at least.

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_ I had to relearn everything _ ...about where and why I loved certain things, how I changed and the origins of that knowledge. Glad to say it was smooth but the volumes of shock to confirm it this month was the anchor to the sea bed floor. So much art to do, so much to recycle. Its like end and be…

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Very Soon.... In Detail, I wanted to have a certain set of content for here I should meet that goal fairly soon, may post some random Ideas

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Offline Update

Hello Viewers, Just being orderly and giving a notice I'm Offline for a moment. Given that this newer than other notices, I will gone for a lesser time. Also as I organize myself, I believe my posts here will be semi-similar, given that I tailor my post to how the site community feels to my works a…